Financing innovation in developing market waste & recycling infrastructure

Waste and recycling is a looming international crisis.


$375 Billion

annual global waste management costs, rising from $205B, by 2025


150M tonnes

of plastic in the ocean right now, growing by 8 million tonnes every year


70% increase

in urban solid waste – with developing countries facing the greatest challenges


Public health

impacts of uncollected waste include Gastrointestinal and respiratory infections and blocked drains aggravate floods and spread infectious disease


45% reduction

in plastic leakage possible by improving waste management and recycling in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand


About Us

Closed Loop Ocean, an initiative of Closed Loop Partners in partnership with Ocean Conservancy, is designed to fund waste infrastructure solutions in Southeast Asia, with a focus on investments to improve collection, sorting and recycling markets, particularly across the plastic value chain.  And as research indicates that the majority of plastic debris originates from five fast growing economies in Asia—Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and China—the initiative will focus initially on galvanizing investment in waste management and recycling solutions in Southeast Asia.

Closed Loop Ocean believes that the development of waste management infrastructure in Southeast Asia requires the application of systemic solutions and a commitment to the principles of the circular economy.  Thus, we seek to partner with individuals, institutions, civil society groups, and governments at all levels that share our goal of creating a holistic framework to support investment in waste infrastructure that diminishes the leakage of plastic to our ocean.

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