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Closed Loop Ventures was created to help catalyze solutions for the circular economy.  This takes the form of early-stage equity investments into sustainable consumer goods companies, advanced recycling technologies, and services related to the circular economy – reducing waste or closing the loop on various materials.  Since inception, we have worked towards circularity in specific verticals: recycling, textiles & apparel, and food & agriculture.



Algramo is a Chilean based startup solving economic and environmental issues through its vending machines that dispense staple products, like household cleaners and grains “by the gram” to customers.

AMP Robotics is focused on reducing the fundamental costs of recycling through the use of artificial intelligence. AMP’s solution is a combination of state of the art computer vision and robotic products that can rapidly identify and recover material from the waste stream.

Atlas Organics is an organics recycling platform that collects food waste and produces a premium compost that is sold back into the agriculture, landscape, and home gardening markets.
Cambridge Crops extends the freshness of food by using natural, edible, and
invisible coatings.
CoLoadX is an online commerce platform for the ocean freight industry. By making international logistics simpler and more efficient they aim to reduce waste in the global supply chain.

Curb My Clutter is a CRM application that enables municipalities and haulers to collect and recycle used electronics and apparel. Households can schedule a collection and identify the items through a text based, smart phone system.

Using state-of-the-art chemical regeneration, Evrnu’s technology transforms post-consumer cotton garment waste into high quality cellulosic fiber. The production of Evrnu fiber will divert millions of tons of textile waste from landfill, where it would otherwise produce greenhouse gases as it breaks down. Evrnu is currently engaged in R&D and developing garment prototypes with leading retail and apparel brands.

Easy Aerial is developing advanced and customized autonomous aerial monitoring solutions. Its versatile solutions are based on a lightweight, wirelessly charged drone that can carry various payloads; self-sustaining, durable and portable ground station that automatically charges the drone; and a unique fleet-management software that operates and monitor the drone(s) autonomously.

For Days is a zero-waste, fully circular fashion brand.

As times change, the tee stays. It’s been a key player in how we dress for over a century. For Days offers a new model for commerce, anchored by one of the world’s most historically iconic pieces of clothing.  With a unique closed loop system, For Days is deeply committed to manufacturing innovation and waste reduction.

HomeBiogas produces household biogas systems which turn your food leftovers and animal waste into gas for cooking and fertilizer for your plants. The HomeBiogas system enables people access to clean, affordable and renewable energy while providing a viable solution for organic waste management.

Linhaus Design is a proprietary technology and design platform to deliver customizable and closed-loop jewelry with a unique customer experience.

LOLIWARE is making single-use plastic obsolete, starting with straws. Loliware combines seaweed intelligence with innovative manufacturing methods to create the disposables of the future. Loliware Edible Tech (LET) is the first certified edible bioplastic in the world.

Natural Machines is the creator of Foodini, a 3D food printing kitchen appliance that reduces food waste throughout the food value chain. By printing customized portion sizes and using “ugly” foods that are otherwise classified as waste, the Foodini helps make meals more attractive, nutritious and less wasteful.

Rebound Technologies delivers unprecedented control and efficiency to industrial freezers. Their IcePoint product boosts earnings of food processors and cold storage facilities by A) enabling strategic bursts of high capacity cooling that accelerate freezing processes and mitigate peak demand expenses, and B) generating sub-zero temperatures at 40% greater efficiency than legacy refrigeration systems.

The Renewal Workshop provides circular solutions for apparel brands and retailers by taking discarded apparel and textiles and turning them into renewed apparel, upcycling materials or feedstock for recycled fiber.

Thrilling is a tech and logistics partner for second hand stores – enabling them to access new audiences and revenue, while providing shoppers access to the best vintage around the world.

TradeLanes is a global trade execution platform that connects all trade participants into a single document chain over the lifecycle of an international trade shipment. This “single source of truth” saves exporters 30-80% on supply chain management.

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