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In the mid-Atlantic, AeroAggregates is changing the game for glass processors by producing an ultra-lightweight construction aggregate called foamed glass. Foamed glass resembles volcanic pumice stone, but is strong enough to be used in a wide variety of road, building and infrastructure projects. The product has been manufactured and deployed in Europe for decades, but AeroAggregates is the first U.S.-based manufacturer of the product, which is is less energy-intensive to produce and transport than other lightweight aggregates. The company started production at its facility in Eddystone, PA in early 2017, and a loan from Closed Loop Fund allowed the company to add a second kiln for production in late 2018. By the end of 2018, AeroAggregates had processed 32,000 tons of post-consumer glass, all collected from sorting and processing facilities in the Delaware Valley. To date, the product has been shipped to projects from Massachusetts to Virginia, including road projects for PennDOT, Pennsylvania’s transportation agency, and Amtrak. The company has also completed several projects locally, including the Philadelphia Navy Yard and Subaru’s corporate training headquarters in Camden, NJ. Projects like these demonstrate how Aero is catalyzing the development.

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 Eddystone, PA


$3m investment in AeroAggregates by the Closed Loop Fund

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