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Closed Loop Ocean is now Circulate Capital

Circulate Capital is an impact-focused investment management firm dedicated to financing companies, projects, and infrastructure that prevent ocean plastic. The new, independent firm was initially conceived as the Closed Loop Ocean project, following the commitment made by Closed Loop Partners, Ocean Conservancy, and a number of corporate partners at the Our Ocean Summit in Malta in October 2017 to create financing vehicles focused on preventing plastics from flowing into the ocean. Building on the successful Closed Loop Partners investment model, Circulate Capital aims to finance companies and projects that focus on waste management and recycling in South and Southeast Asia.

Circulate Capital is the realization of many months of research and planning on the part of Closed Loop Partners and Ocean Conservancy to design a structure that can dedicate the time and resources necessary to tackle the complexity of the ocean plastic problem at scale.

Rob Kaplan, co-founder of Closed Loop Partners, has tremendous subject matter expertise on the topic, having run Closed Loop Ocean, and thanks to his successful tenure at CLP, we are excited to continue our collaboration with the new venture.

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