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Capital Landscape Study

About the study

In 2017, Closed Loop Partners and Closed Loop Foundation conducted a study of the capital landscape supporting circular supply chains in North America. We looked at recent trends in investment activity, unmet demand, nearterm forecasts, and projections to achieve a fully circular infrastructure by 2030. Through a series of surveys, interviews, and analyses of third-party data, we have gained several key insights about where capital is – and is not yet – flowing. Findings represent data from more than 130 municipalities, 440 private companies, and 260 investors, in addition to numerous experts who have advised us throughout this process. The research was conducted by Closed Loop Foundation with support from the Goldman Sachs Center for Environmental Markets and Wells Fargo Foundation.

On October 5th, Closed Loop Partners convened 100 leaders from across the supply chain and investment community to discuss the opportunity to infuse significantly more capital into circular supply chains leveraging insights from the capital landscape study.  CLP will work with these and other leaders to bring new capital into this sector to increase our collective impact


Advisors to the study include representatives from the following organizations

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