Bennett Cohen


Bennett is an Advisor at Closed Loop Partners focused on advancing circular solutions for fashion, material innovation, supply chain technology, food & agriculture.

Bennett is an accomplished investor with a strong track record across venture capital and growth equity. Prior to joining Closed Loop Partners, Bennett was a Partner at Piva Capital where he led investments in some of the firm’s most successful companies, including Boston Metal and MenloMicro, and developed an ESG framework for venture capital investing. He previously established the Silicon Valley arm of Shell Ventures, where he led investments in disruptive companies such as Ample and Aurora.​

Before moving into investing, Bennett helped develop the initial strategy of Shell’s division focused on renewable power and fuels. Prior to Shell, Bennett was a Consultant at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), where he reported directly to Amory Lovins and worked with utility and automotive clients, and a Director of Business Development at CPower, a demand response startup that was acquired by Constellation in 2010.​

Bennett is passionate about sustainability, entrepreneurship, and technology. In his spare time, he enjoys being with his family and friends, getting outside, reading science fiction, and practicing yoga.


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