Carrie Ellen Phillips


Carrie is a Partner in communications firm BPCM, which she co-founded in 1999. Carrie has spearheaded the development of BPCM’s Sustainability practice and has transformed it into the fastest-growing part of the agency.

She is an established industry strategist in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle arenas, helping brands to set and realize sustainability goals while maintaining growth and profitability.  Her background in marketing married with her deep sustainability knowledge are a crucial to companies trying to do the right thing while not greenwashing.

Carrie’s commitment to creating business opportunities that reverse our impact on the planet through the principles of the circular economy and an empowered workforce have led her to become a mentor within her agency and a trusted industry collaborator for the c-suite. She is passionate about the potential for technology, traceability and soil health to bring the fashion industry into planetary alignment.  She helped Kelly Slater start Outerknown, works with MycoWorks on their Made with Reishi technology and has spearheaded an effort by Longchamp to move production of their famous “Le Pliage” bag to 100% renewable resources.

One of Carrie’s most passionate subjects is the waste that we needlessly create and how simple reductions in the way we use and dispose of things can have great benefit to the planet.  Carrie is a frequent speaker on the subject of sustainability and one of her favorite things is speaking to citizen audiences on the empowered consumer and their potential to instigate change around the world.  She is an advisor to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation on their Make Fashion Circular initiative and a lecturer and advisor to the Bard Center for Environmental Policy and their Sustainability MBA, a Founding Partner of the US Coalition on Sustainability at the United Nations and a policy advisor to the New Standard Institute.

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