Hannah Friedman


Hannah works on the Closed Loop Ventures Group team to manage the pipeline, including sourcing and initial due diligence. She assists with deep diligence support, market research and operational support. Hannah also helps manage impact reporting for CLVG’s portfolio.

Formerly, Hannah was an intern for the Closed Loop Ventures Group. Prior to coming on full time, Hannah was a co-organizer for TEDxColumbiaUniversity and served as an EMT for Columbia University’s Emergency Medical Services (CUEMS).

Significant change must be enacted in order keep from overshooting our planetary boundaries while ensuring that all of society is supported by a solid social foundation. A well-designed and adaptive circular economy strives for this future in order that our planet and society thrives.
Hannah Friedman - Associate • Closed Loop Ventures Group

Hannah earned a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University, majoring in Sustainable Development with a concentration in Visual Arts. She is currently pursuing an MS in Sustainability Management at Columbia University

When not at the office, Hannah can be found jogging in Riverside Park or reading. When not in New York City, Hannah is most often seeking out a new backpacking adventure.

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