Jon Powell, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Jon is an Executive Director at Closed Loop Partners working across its verticals to source deals, develop and execute novel research efforts, and support partnerships with CLP portfolio companies, LPs, and investors.

Jon’s career spans technology development, facility design and operation, policy analysis and development, pure and applied research, and education – all focused on emergent materials, recycling, and waste-related challenges.  His work has supported hundreds of organizations including federal, state, county, and city government, non-governmental organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and leading universities. Jon’s research areas of interest include applications of waste informatics to drive system-wide environmental performance, biological and chemical degradation dynamics of materials, and innovation-driven entrepreneurship.

The confluence of new and emergent analytic capabilities, broad public and industry awareness of the wide-ranging effects of material choices and fates, and the opportunities presented by novel financial and technical approaches, leads me to deeply believe in the promise of circular systems to improve welfare and well-being of people and the planet.
Jon Powell - Executive Director

He earned a Ph.D. and M.S. from Yale University and a B.S. and M.E. from the University of Florida.

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