Zainab Gilani

Project Associate

As a member of the Center for Circular Economy team, Zainab researches topics such as advanced plastics recycling, new product and packaging material innovations, and business model and delivery trends.

Prior to joining Closed Loop Partners, Zainab worked as a Program Associate for the TerraCycle Global Foundation during its start up phase, closely working with the Executive Director to support its formation and expansion into Thailand. She helped innovate circular supply chain solutions for hard to recycle waste streams, develop marine debris capture strategies and research ways to support local waste workers in these emerging markets.

By innovating solutions to recover the material resources that are lost in the current linear system of disposability, we have the opportunity to not only drive systems and environmental change but also drive economic change as well and improve communities by providing them with additional sources of capital.
Zainab Gilani - Project Associate • Closed Loop Partners

Zainab holds a Bachelors of Arts from Binghamton University in both Physics and English. She has volunteered with various social organizations bringing sustainable solutions to refugee camps in Greece. Outside of her work, Zainab is passionate about all things Liverpool F.C., listening to audiobooks, and learning about the unexplored spaces in our universe from the deeper oceans to far off galaxies.

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