The first step to reimagining foodservice packaging to be more sustainable and circular begins with rethinking materials.

Together with our Consortium partners, we advance new material innovation that enables more circular packaging––keeping resources out of landfills and our oceans. With 250 billion cups mostly ending up as waste, our first step was clear: the to-go fiber cup.

First Up, The Cup

NextGen Cup is the Consortium’s first initiative under Packaging Innovations––focused on the fiber, hot and cold, to-go cup system.

Cup Challenge

In 2018, we launched the NextGen Cup Challenge, an open, global design competition seeking to identify and commercialize existing and future solutions for the single-use, hot and cold, fiber cup system.


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Business Accelerator

The NextGen Circular Business Accelerator brought to market new and innovative cup solutions, including reusable cup systems. We took selected winning ideas from the Cup Challenge to the next level.


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Piloting in Action

We continue to bring NextGen cups to market through in-market trials and pilots with brand partners and at cafes across the country. Read more about our most recent pilots in the San Francisco Bay Area below.

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