The Petaluma Reusable
Cup Project

We’re coming soon to Petaluma!

The Petaluma Reusable Cup Project is the NextGen Consortium’s latest collaborative initiative bringing together global brands, local business and public leaders to launch a first-of-its-kind, city-wide reusable cup system.  

In the City of Petaluma, CA, participating restaurants are swapping their single-use cups with reusable ones from August to November 2024, offering free to-go reusable cups as the default option that can be dropped off at widespread return points across the city. 

Whenever people purchase beverages at participating locations, they will be invited to return their empty reusable cups to any participating location or to return bins located throughout Petaluma. Returned cups will be professionally washed and sanitized before being put back to work for the duration of the project.   

By replacing single-use cups with free, returnable cups, we’re looking to make returns as easy as possible, reduce the volume of waste sent to landfills and advance a cultural shift toward reuse.  

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