The Program

The program took place in a series of five phases, beginning in March 2018 and finishing in September 2018. Phases were designed to support the iterative loops of product development, and move teams through the solving of material considerations, recovery planning, usability piloting and ultimately, finalizing manufacture ready products.

The Five Phases

  • 1: Materials and Assessment

    The Materials Phase began with a week-long materials and design bootcamp. Teams were guided through material feasibility questions, performance standards and planning for recovery.

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  • 2: Recovery and Prototyping

    As products mature, teams tested in live markets to better understand the implications their products have on the end supply chain, working with recovery facilities to ensure alignment.

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  • 3: Build to Manufacture

    Ventures designed through iterative building loops, ensuring their products “hold water” from a manufacturing perspective.

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  • 4: Refine and Design

    During this phase, teams developed and refined their products to ensure user desirability and design aesthetics, while finalizing their products as they prepared for post-accelerator manufacturing.

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  • 5: Take-Off

    The culmination of the program, our goal was for teams to graduate with manufacture-ready prototypes, pitch-ready business plans and a strong team well-prepared for long-term growth.

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