We use 100 billion single-use bags each year in the U.S. This pilot focused on helping customers build the habit of bringing their own bag wherever they shop! 

Can collective action drive culture change? 

 Have you ever gotten to a store and realized you forgot your bag? Or maybe you only bring your bag to the grocery store, but not the other places you shop? You are not alone.    

To support customers, retailers across Denver and Tucson came together to test whether consistent signs, marketing, and prompts can help customers build the habit of bringing their bags. Our goal was to enable a broader cultural shift. More than 150 retailers participated––placing signs and asking customers “do you need a bag”––in more than 375 of their stores.

While the pilot has formally ended, many retailers have seen the impact that we’ve driven together and are continuing to support customers to bring their own bag. If you are a retailer interested in joining our effort you are still welcome to download signs below and use them in stores to encourage reuse. 

About the pilot


Retailers of all sizes in the Denver & Tucson metro areas came together for this pilot! Participating retailers included but were not limited to CVS Health; DICK’S Sporting Goods; Dollar General; Family Dollar & Dollar Tree; The Kroger Co.; Target; The TJX Companies, Inc; and Ulta Beauty.


Participating retailers placed signs at key points in the shopping journey to remind customers to bring their own bags. Retailers also asked customers, “do you need a bag?” at checkout. Additionally, customers were supported to remember to bring their bags before they shopped through messaging in public spaces, social, and more.

Where & When

Two locations were selected for the pilot: Denver, CO and Tucson, AZ. We are grateful for the support of both communities, which were instrumental in the pilot launch. The pilot ran from May 1 to July 30, 2023. We will publicly share what we learn from the pilot later in the year.

Are you interested in joining our effort?

It’s a simple three-step process!

Why should retailers encourage customers to shop with their own reusable bag?

Drive positive environmental impact

Support your customers

Save costs by decreasing spend on single-use bags

It’s easy to implement and low or no cost

More than 150+ stores are already signed up!

What’s Next?

Our goal is to drive a cultural shift towards people bringing their bags when they shop. If successful, this pilot provides a model to consider scaling to other communities to create a positive environmental impact, support customers, and help retailers reduce costs.


  • What happens after July 30, 2023?

    Participating retailers have the option to: keep signs up or take them down, continue to ask customers “do you need a bag?” or to stop.

    New retailers can participate at any time–placing signs and asking customers if they need a bag. 

    The Consortium will share insights from the pilot in the coming months. 


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  • Do retailers have to pay a fee to use the signs?

    No, retailers do not have to pay a fee, but are responsible for the costs to print signs and place them in their stores.

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  • If a retailer has a store outside of Denver and Tucson, can they participate?

    The Consortium encourages anyone interested in placing these signs and asking customers if they need a bag to participate, regardless of where stores are located.

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