Daily Choices Drive Global Impact

Collective choices—across the value chain—have the power to shape a sustainable future. Together, through simple actions, we can transform retail for good and drive large-scale solutions to the plastic pollution crisis. Discover how your involvement can help move the needle on single-use bag waste.

Learn How Reuse Makes a Difference

A product of a first-of-its-kind collaboration among Closed Loop Partners and many of the world’s leading retailers, The Playbook highlights effective solutions to reduce the number of bags needed by retailers and encourage the use of reusable bags customers already have at home. Key insights from the playbook are based on research, interviews, surveys and learnings from 17 of the world’s leading retailers across four key categories: communications, employee training, bag and fixture design, and customer incentives.

Learn about what we discovered.

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Bring Your Own Bag to Stores

While the BYO pilot has formally ended, many retailers have seen the impact that we’ve driven together and are continuing to support customers to bring their own bag. 

Learn more about the impact of bringing your own bag when shopping at stores.

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Learn About Our Impact

Three years into the Consortium, we share key learnings from our iterative process of identifying possible solutions, testing them in-market and learning from these tests, laying the foundation for more work in the years to come.


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Innovations For When You Forget Your Own Bag

In New Jersey, where there is legislation banning single-use bags in certain stores, the Consortium to Reinvent the Retail Bag tested a “returnable bag” service model in which customers “borrowed” a bag onsite, reused it and then returned it at the same or different retailer’s store to be washed, redistributed and reused by additional customers. This offered a solution for when customers forgot to bring their own reusable bags. This pilot ran from April to July 2023.


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