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The scale of the plastic bag waste crisis is immense. Only by working together—with stakeholders including  governments, brands, retailers, communities, NGOs and individuals—can we achieve the systems change needed to reduce plastic pollution and transition to sustainable alternatives.  

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Why Collaborate

Reduce Single-Use Bag Waste Now

Leverage proven tactics and a collaborate with diverse retailers to tactically reduce your single-use bag waste

Advance Long-Lasting Change

Build on tactical solutions to unlock long-lasting systems change

Send a Unified Industry Signal

Send a unified signal to transform the industry and advance long-term environmental change

Create Holistic Solutions

Develop holistic solutions that work across every part of the process––and across different retailers

Want to be a part of the solution to bag waste?

  • Are you a brand or retailer looking to save money, reduce waste and serve your customers?

    Learn tactical solutions to help your customers bring their own bags or go without one while future proofing your business against regulation and changing behavior.


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  • Are you a policymaker or advocacy group looking to drive meaningful change on plastic waste?

    Access the latest research, policy guidance and best practices for developing and implementing effective regulations on single-use plastic bags. Connect with us to build relationships with key decision makers to help shape effective laws and regulations for the future.  


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  • Are you a concerned shopper looking to make a difference?

    Learn simple tips for reducing plastic bag waste in your daily life. Engage your local organizations and legislators to eliminate single-use bag waste.


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