Lillian Childress


Lillian is our Circular Economy Strategy Associate, working on targeted growth opportunities with a focus on Closed Loop Partners’ commercialization group. Her efforts will span CLP’s priority areas, including plastics, organics, textiles and electronics. She will initially be focused on the expansion of our organics programs in the U.S.

She started her career at HomeBiogas, where she worked in R&D and business development. At HomeBiogas, she helped develop and bring to market the Bio-Toilet, a revolutionary toilet that creates cooking gas from human waste. Since then, she has worked as a research assistant at the Yale Center for Industrial Ecology, where she started (and then closed) a biodegradable cosmetics line, and worked in climate-focused venture capital investing at Valo Ventures.

Lillian holds a B.S. in environmental engineering from Yale University and a Master’s in environmental management from the Yale School of the Environment. She is currently pursuing her MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

In her spare time, Lillian enjoys reading literature and writing creatively.


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