Circular Insights Lab

The Circular Insights Lab, housed by the Center for the Circular Economy, is a research and analytics engine that draws on insights from all sectors and verticals across the firm.

The Lab further expands upon bodies of knowledge, fills gaps in data and explores adjacent areas of research that advance the circular economy globally.


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Our Focus Areas

At the Lab, we conduct quantitative and qualitative research and data analytics through in-market tests and consumer engagement, identifying circular trends, challenges and opportunities across different focus areas. Explore our reports and insights by topic.

  • Design & Materials Innovation

    New design approaches & climate-friendly materials used early on in the design stage help determine a product’s life-cycle and circularity.

  • Reuse Models & Systems

    Reuse models offer a viable alternative to single-use products–providing more durable options that can be used multiple times.

  • Materials Recovery & Recycling

    Alignment between collection, sortation, processing systems and end markets–whether for organics recovery or mechanical and molecular recycling–are critical to create pathways for circularity and eliminate waste to landfill.

Our Five Key Circular Economy Drivers

We approach our research and data analysis through the lens of five key circular economy drivers.

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