Reuse Models & Systems

Keeping valuable materials in play for multiple uses

In today’s world, we create, buy, use and then ultimately dispose of a lot of stuff. This wastes energy, money and precious limited natural resources. Reuse and refill models play a critical role in extending the lifespan of valuable materials, moving away from linear material flows to circular flows that capture the long-term value of resources.

We’re seeing multiple factors driving reuse: the urgency of the climate crisis and pressure from environmentally conscious consumers; growing regulatory pressures in the U.S., including single-use plastic bans in California, New York and Hawaii; business incentives as the economic case for resource efficiency becomes increasingly clear; and emerging technological developments enabling the tracking of reuse.

Across Closed Loop Partners and our Center for the Circular Economy, we are testing, piloting and investing in reusable packaging models in order to accelerate their pathway to scale. We see reuse as a primary means to addressing the mounting single-use plastics waste challenge, reducing the need for virgin plastic extraction and keeping valuable materials in play.

How do we design a system so that reuse is the most accessible, convenient, affordable and attractive choice? ​

We conduct qualitative and quantitative research and data analytics through in-market testing, focus groups and customer interviews, to identify how to design and build the architecture for a reuse system that brings the circular economy to the forefront in our everyday life​.



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Reuse & Refill Category: NextGen Cup Challenge Winners

These reusable cup solutions are among the winners of the NextGen Cup Challenge.

  • CLUBZERØ (formerly CupClub)

    CLUBZERØ operates a returnable cup ecosystem, providing a service for drinks. Think bike sharing, but for cups.

  • reCup GmbH

    reCup GmbH operates a deposit system for reusable cups. Rent their cup and return it to any participating partner shop. No cleaning of the cup or carrying around required.

  • Muuse

    Muuse operates a deposit-based platform for smart, reusable beverage packaging, connecting their cups–and third party products–to Internet of Things technologies.

Reuse & Refill Category: Beyond the Bag Challenge Winners

These reusable bag solutions are among the winners of the Beyond the Bag Challenge.

  • ChicoBag

    ChicoBag eliminates a common pain point for consumers: remembering your reusable bag. Their service enables customers to borrow bags on-site as part of the sharing economy.


    GOATOTE’s kiosk system allows consumers to access clean, reusable bags anywhere a kiosk is found.

  • Returnity

    For those who shop online or use pick up services, Returnity designs and manufactures reusable shipping bags and boxes for products already on the market, and provides the e-commerce and delivery packaging system that powers how these bags and boxes are used.