A Hub for Collaboration, Investment and Innovation

The Center for the Circular Economy, at Closed Loop Partners, is a NYC-based hub for collaboration, R&D, investment and innovation to advance the transition from a linear take-make-waste economy to a circular economy in which materials are shared, re-used, and continuously cycled. 

The NextGen Consortium

A multi-year partnership of food-service industry leaders founded by Starbucks and McDonald’s, the NextGen Consortium addresses single-use food packaging waste globally. NextGen Cup is the first Consortium initiative and aims to advance recoverable solutions for the fiber, hot and cold, to-go cup system.

China Program: Bridge Building

Through the China Program at Closed Loop Partners, we’re building bridges between Chinese companies and trade associations and U.S. investment opportunities and investors in the circular economy space.

FlexPack Challenge

We’ve teamed up with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition to challenge the best and brightest entrepreneurs to uncover solutions to one of the most important challenges in sustainable packaging.

The Challenge

Identify innovations in recovery of multi-material flexible packaging.

Connect Fashion

Intelligent Product Initiative

​The Center for the Circular Economy is partnering with EON Group on a ​global industry-wide initiative. Connect Fashion will design a framework for how intelligent digital assets and the connectivity of the internet of things will power transparency, sustainability and circularity across fashion, apparel and retail. Through the initiative, brands will unlock new business opportunities and sustainability solutions essential in today’s connected world, as well as shape and codify the framework and industry-wide standard for the future.  Connect Fashion launches in fall 2018, i​n partnership with leading global brands. Research and technology partners include Microsoft, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, SWEREA, and stakeholders across digital connectivity, transparency, sustainability and circular economy in fashion, apparel and retail.

Circular Innovation Accelerator

We bring together industry experts, academic researchers, and entrepreneurs who are solving for today’s most pressing challenges in design and reuse.

Join Us

The Center invites you to join us as a partner to collaborate on innovative circular solutions for products, services, and technology that capitalize on the multi-billion-dollar opportunity the circular economy represents. Partnership in the Center provides you with unique access to the problem-solvers who are making the transition from a linear to a circular economy not only possible, but profitable.


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