10 Years of Impact & Building The Circular Economy

Impact Report 2023

This year marks a milestone for Closed Loop Partners: 10 years of advancing the circular economy and building a waste-free world. 

We are encouraged by the immense progress the circular economy has made in recent years. It has cleared a path for the next evolution of business where resource efficiency and maximizing financial returns are synonymous. Based on current trajectories, we expect that over the next 10 years, the growth of the circular economy will more than double, driving an additional $100+ billion of value to the global economy.

This year’s impact report recounts our first decade of work, our impact in 2023 and all that is to come as we work with stakeholders in our Closed Loop Partners ecosystem.

– Ron Gonen, Founder & CEO of Closed Loop Partners

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Assets Under Management


Investments to Date


Tons of Materials Kept in Circulation


Metric Tons of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Avoided

Based on current trajectories, we expect that over the next decade, the growth of the circular economy will more than double, driving an additional $100+ billion** to the global economy.

Ron Gonen, Founder & CEO of Closed Loop Partners


*From the Circularity Gap Report
**Estimated by Closed Loop Partners and based on World GDP in current prices, projected GDP and the share of secondary materials consumed by the global economy.


Investment catalyzes the circular economy, enabling transformative companies to bring solutions to scale.

Closed Loop Capital Management

  • Venture Capital

    The Closed Loop Ventures Group deploys early-stage capital, partnering with founders and companies who rethink how products are designed, manufactured, consumed and recovered, with the shared vision of reimagining supply chains and eliminating waste.

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  • Buyout Private Equity

    The Closed Loop Leadership Group captures this market opportunity by identifying solutions, originating innovative opportunities, and building & scaling platforms and enabling technologies across plastics & packaging, organics, circular technology and textiles to develop, accelerate and modernize circular supply chains and recycling & reuse infrastructure.

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  • Catalytic Capital, Private Credit

    The Closed Loop Infrastructure Group provides flexible and risk-tolerant capital to support private companies, organizations and municipalities to launch or develop projects, ultimately aiming to attract further investment and meet the criteria of driving net positive environmental and social outcomes.

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Innovation pushes the boundaries of what is possible, unlocking fresh perspectives to design new ways of operating. Creativity breaks through the limitations of linear systems and shapes the future of how consumers shop and how cities function, creating massive shifts that will advance consumer and brand value.

Center for the Circular Economy

The Center for the Circular Economy drives collaborative partnerships and groundbreaking insights to tackle the toughest material challenges and accelerate a more circular economy.


Scaling the circular economy requires robust infrastructure, disruptive solutions and innovative business models that transform the way we manage materials. As businesses and communities transition to more sustainable and economically sound value chains, existing infrastructure must be enhanced, and new services built, to support a more resilient, circular system.

Closed Loop Builders

Closed Loop Builders is Closed Loop Partners’ operating group. We incubate, build and scale circular economy infrastructure and solutions across the U.S. 

Circular Services is the first company launched within Closed Loop Builders. It is now the largest privately held recycling company in the U.S.


The Closed Loop Partners team dedicated to advancing the circular economy.

Throughout 2023, our employee-led DEI committee continued to advance an action-oriented approach toward developing short-term, medium-term and long-term goals. From hiring practices, to educational resources, investment practices, impact and many others, we will continue to advance inclusive diversity at the firm, at our portfolio companies and in the communities we service. Most importantly, we expect any statements we make to be accompanied by actions and results.

Foundations of Our Impact Strategy

Closed Loop Partners builds our impact framework to lead industry standards. We believe that accountability for positive and potential negative impact relies on increased harmonization and standardization, as well as regulatory support.

  • Standardization

    Closed Loop Partners advocates for comparability and accountability across impact investing. We actively partner with organizations that help advance standardization of the measurement, management and reporting of impact outputs. Our processes are aligned with leading industry frameworks.

  • Verification

    Closed Loop Partners has been through seven external verifications and counting. This includes internal ESG practices to carbon accounting and alignment to impact principles. At Closed Loop Partners, we are committed to regular, independent verification of the firm’s impact management practices.

  • Transparency

    As a signatory of the Impact Principles, Closed Loop Parters demonstrate our dedication to, and implementation of, a global standard for managing investments for impact via annual, publicly available disclosures. Our IMM playbook is featured in educational materials by United Nations Development Programme’s SDG Impact.