Our Collaborations

We lead collaborations between brands, investors, NGOs and industry leaders to identify, test and scale solutions that solve material challenges and advance the circular economy.

  • Composting Consortium

    A multi-year collaboration across the entire composting value chain to advance composting infrastructure & recover compostable packaging and food scraps.

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  • Consortium to Reinvent the Retail Bag

    A multi-year collaboration across retail sectors that aims to identify, test and implement innovative new design solutions that more sustainably serve the purpose of the current retail bag.

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    NextGen Consortium

    Leading brands, industry experts and innovators unite to bring fully recoverable hot and cold fiber cup systems to a global scale.

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  • Food Waste Repackaged

    A multi-phase project, in partnership with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, to raise awareness about packaging’s role in food waste and spur innovations for food packaging that will help prevent food waste.

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Partnership in the Center provides you with unique access to the problem-solvers who are making the transition from a linear to a circular economy not only possible, but profitable.

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