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Research on and solution searches for technologies and business models focused on building the circular economy.


Multirecycling Collection

Capital Landscape Study

Closed Loop Foundation is studying trends, gaps and impacts of financing for recycling infrastructure. We are seeking feedback from investors, municipalities, and private companies now.

Recycled Glass

Glass Study

Closed Loop Foundation studied the ROI of investing in glass clean-up systems at MRFs and found that an investment at a MRF could yield higher value commodities and significant savings for the entire system. The report is accompanied by a calculator tool to help MRFs determine their own ROI.

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Cleaning the rPET Stream

Closed Loop Fund commissioned a study to identify recycling system interventions that reduce the cost of processing post-consumer PET, compared to producing virgin resin. The study shows how interventions would impact main cost drivers such as high levels of contamination and yield loss.



CL Foundation is a lead supporter of ReFed, a report determining food waste solutions based on their ability to merge strong economic returns with optimal social and environmental benefit. These insights will bridge the gap between awareness and action, helping to reduce food waste from 40% to 10% by 2025.

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Plastic Film Recycling

CL Foundation partnered with RSE on a national study to understand bottlenecks holding back recycling of post consumer LDPE film and multi-laminate film packaging recycling  and to determine ways the investment community can spur film recycling innovation.

Ewaste Study

Used Electronics Recycling

CL Foundation commissioned a report to provide a view of the e-waste landscape within the United States in order to understand types and quantities moving into the waste stream today and in the future, effectiveness of current recycling programs in place and how to improve used consumer electronics recycling.


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Film Recycling:Zzyzx Polymers

Zzyzx is an awardee of the CL Foundation solution search to provide seed capital to support companies driving innovation in film plastic recycling. Zzyzx develops technology making recycled plastic pellets from challenging waste streams. Zzyzx will be able to process 7 million pounds of film per year per machine.


Film Recycling:Drought Diet Products

Drought Diet Products is another awardee of the CL Foundation solution search. The irrigation company intends to use post-consumer film plastic feedstock in its irrigation piping products and estimates that its technology and business could divert as much as 1.4 billion pounds of plastic film from landfills annually.

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Food Waste Solution Search

CL Foundation ran a solution search for food waste innovations for a solution search to provide seed capital to support companies and projects that have the potential to reduce food waste at scale.  8 innovative food waste leaders were awarded funding in Spring of 2017.