Food Waste Solution Search

Solution Search for Food Waste Innovators

Closed Loop Foundation ran a solution search for food waste innovations to provide seed capital to support winning companies and their projects that have the potential to reduce food waste at scale.

Food Waste Solution Search Grantees

Full Cycle Bioplastics

Creates a circular-economy solution for food waste and plastic pollution by converting post consumer food waste into a compostable bioplastic.

Vermont Natural Ag Products

Recaptures renewable thermal energy created in its compost system to reduce energy consumption, time and therefore cost of creating the compost product.

Hold That Tray

Education, diversion, and combined anaerobic digestion/composting to highlight the value in food not served or wasted.

ALL IN Alameda

Comprehensive social enterprise to efficiently recover wasted food from retail

Renewal Mill

Harvests undervalued byproducts from current food production processes and upcycles them into high – value nutritious and wholesome products

BioWorks Energy/Flint, MI

Technology to make food waste into a sludge that can be incorporated into waste water digesters.

Georgia Tech

Add value to food waste nutrients by converting these nutrients into algal meal fish feed for aquaponic urban farming systems positioned at schools.

Indiana Recycling Coalition

Building a system solution for restaurant and retail composting by building a collection and processing system.


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