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AI Robots and Recycling

AMP is an artificial intelligence and robotics company developed by a CalTech PhD, focused on increasing the quantity and quality of sortation processing at recycling facilities.

AMP Robotics uses state-of-the-art computer vision and robotics that rapidly identifies and recovers material from the waste stream.  Thereby improving the quantity and quality of recycled commodities recovered from co-mingled waste streams.

By significantly reducing the cost of sorting in recycling facilities, bringing fine-grained operational data collection and creating transparency in the recycling space, AMP seeks to change the fundamental economics of the recycling process. They aim to lower the cost of recycling and make them universally cost-competitive with the tip fees of a landfill.

Impact and Accolades

45 robots installed and operating at materials recovery facilities as of 2019

30 new robots operational in 2019 alone

CEO, Matanya Horowitz, won the inaugural Waste360 Innovator Award 2019

Raised $16 Million Series A led by Sequoia Capital, joining Alphabet-backed Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners and leaders in sustainable investing

Product Launch

AMP Cortex™ dual-robot system uses two high-performance robots that rapidly sort, pick and place materials at an unprecedented speed of 160 pieces per minute creating optimum productivity

Looking Ahead

We look forward to AMP’s technology bringing recycling rates up in the U.S. and around the world. Over the long-term, the technology could also lower the cost of recycling infrastructure and enable recycling in non-developed nations.

For more information about AMP Robotics, please visit their website.

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