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Zero Waste Clothing

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For Days brings consumers into the circular supply chain with a subscription-based relationship to recycled garments.

The average American throws away 80lbs of clothing annually and 85% of clothing donations end up in landfill. The team at For Days aims to change this statistic.

For Days has a unique membership model in which people can wear and swap amazing organic basics and in the process, accumulate impact over junk, changing the traditional fashion industry business model.  Customers are empowered to change their relationship to clothing and enjoy a life with less stuff.

How it Works

A consumer purchases a brand new organic cotton garment from For Days.  When the consumer would like something new, they can exchange it for a For Days piece at a deep big discount. For Days then works with post-consumer recycling partners to make sure all returned materials are recycled into new fabrics and new products.


300,000 gallons of water saved

19,000 pounds of carbon dioxide averted

73,000 pounds of waste averted

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