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Incentivizing Reuse Systems

Algramo builds smart dispensing systems that incentivize the reuse of packaging.

The Chilean company offers a proven market-based upstream solution to decouple fast-moving product consumption from packaging waste. The circular economy can’t exist in a vacuum, it requires systems thinking solutions applied in a more pre-competitive manner across entire value chains. Algramo is pulling together brands, technology providers, academics, governments and NGOs to collectively work towards promoting more circular packaging solutions.

Statistics and Accolades

78% refill rate in Chile

2,000 corner stores selling Algramo in Chile, reaching 320,000 households

Algramo’s reusable packaging lowers the cost of life’s essentials by 30% comparing to business as usual

Won MIT Solve and National Geographic Sky Ocean Ventures Circular Economy Challenges

Circularity integrated into Algramo’s business model:

  • Changing behavior: 86% return rate of packaging in Algramo 1.0 model, while still providing an economic incentive for customers
  • Re-imagining packaging: Creating a system where packaging can retain value, and actually increase in value the more it is reused
  • Elevating customer experience: Delivering products to customer’s doors with electric vehicles
  • Stakeholder engagement: Aligning the incentives of brands, retailers and consumers to enable the circular economy

With Closed Loop Partners and Sky Ocean Ventures as partners, Algramo aims to develop the team and technology to expand beyond Chile.


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