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Preserving Perishables

Mori extends the shelf-life and freshness of food by using natural, edible, and invisible coatings.

Through an innovative and proprietary process, Mori uses just salt and water to extract the protein from natural silk and create a protective layer that keeps food fresher for longer. By coating meat, seafood, fruit, produce, and prepared foods with a coating the shelf life is extended. A longer selling time has the potential to reduce the amount of food that will end up in landfill and extend the reach of fresh food into neighborhoods and geographies that have not had access to date.

The team at Cambridge Crops unravels the power of silk to tackle three of the major reasons that food goes bad: dehydration, oxidation and micro-organisms.  The water-based protective layer can be easily integrated at any wash step or station. This means different kinds of stakeholders can start slowing the natural spoiling process at multiple points in the supply chain.


Cambridge Crops is on Bill Gates’ list of top companies tackling agricultural greenhouse gas emissions: “Approximately one-third of all food produced gets lost or wasted every year. That’s bad for people who don’t have enough to eat, bad for farmers, and bad for the environment … Cambridge Crops [is] working on protective skins that keep food fresh longer.” – Bill Gates

Impact Goals

Cambridge Crops was started to solve large inefficiencies in the food supply chain and aims to reduce food waste and increasing food accessibility.

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