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A feature on a Closed Loop Partners investment

Turning Waste into Energy

HomeBiogas develops household and community-size anaerobic digesters that convert food and biological waste into clean energy.

HomeBiogas addresses waste management, energy production, sustainable food production and nutrient recycling with a product that uses natural resources in a continuous cycle. The system is a closed loop, so after HomeBiogas customers purchase the system they continue to generate value for years to come.

Their mission is to make biogas affordable and available to all, and with each year they reach more people around the world. Recently, the company has improved the circularity, quality and affordability of the products themselves—lengthening the shelf life to over 15 years, and making the materials used for the digester 100% recyclable.

2019 Product Launches

  • HomeBiogas 7.0 offers the best and most cost-effective solution for small farmers and small businesses across the world
  • HomeBiogas BioToilet solution is the most convenient, affordable and efficient off-grid option for managing human waste

Impact to Date

10,000+ systems sold in 100+ countries

20+ distributors around the world

Looking Ahead

HomeBiogas continues to provide biogas solutions for households and small farms, in addition to new market segments. This includes HomeBiogas as a solution for affordable housing projects and schools, and the introduction of a smart device that allows pay-as-you-go financing options for customers in developing countries.

In 2021, HomeBiogas announced its initial public offering (IPO) in Israel, with a valuation of NIS 310 million after money, or approximately USD 94 million. The recent IPO will accelerate HomeBiogas’ growth into additional markets, including North America, helping expand the solution at a larger scale into commercial operations in restaurants, hotels, universities, hospitals and others, generating significant savings in costs of organic waste removal, energy savings and a significant reduction in carbon footprint. Through the IPO, HomeBiogas also plans to increase production and sales in selected countries, through partnerships with local distributors.

For more information about HomeBiogas, please visit their website.

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