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Turning Waste into Energy

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HomeBiogas develops household and community-size anaerobic digesters that convert food and biological waste into clean energy.

HomeBiogas addresses waste management, energy production, sustainable food production and nutrient recycling with a product that uses natural resources in a continuous cycle. The system is a closed loop, so after HomeBiogas customers purchase the system they continue to generate value for years to come.

Their mission is to make biogas affordable and available to all, and with each year they reach more people around the world. Last year, they were proud to make the product more user-friendly, improve the quality and lower the price, expand the lifespan to 15 years and convert the product to 100% recyclable material.

2019 Product Launches:

  • HomeBiogas 7.0 offers the best and most cost-effective solution for small farmers and small businesses across the world
  • HomeBiogas BioToilet solution is the most convenient, affordable and efficient off-grid option for managing human waste


9,000 systems sold in 107 countries

19 distributors around the world

Looking Ahead

HomeBiogas continues to provide biogas solutions for households and small farms, and in addition focus on new market segments. This includes HomeBiogas as a solution for affordable housing projects and schools and the introduction of a smart device that allows pay-as-you-go financing options for customers in developing countries. An upcoming goal: launching the commercial-scale system for restaurants and hotels that can treat on-site between 200kg and 1 ton of organic waste per day, eliminating the need to transport and treat waste off-site

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