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A feature on a Closed Loop Partners investment

Bottle to Bottle Recycling

rPlanet Earth is the world’s first completely vertically integrated manufacturer of post-consumer rPET.

The company was founded to provide high quality recycled PET to food, beverage and other consumer packaged goods companies. The result has been a much needed market for PET packaging collected from curbside recycling programs across California.

The vertically integrated plant’s extremely efficient manufacturing process results in packaging with the lowest carbon footprint. The team plans to build several more plants across the U.S. to establish the first fully integrated, coast-to-coast network of packaging manufacturing facilities to reuse post-consumer waste to create high quality rPET products.

Milestones and Highlights

In 2018, completed 302,000 square foot facility in Vernon, CA

The Vernon-based plant has an 80 millionpound capacity


A partnership with Green Impact Plastics will help divert a large portion of the 240 million pounds of thermoformed PET packaging containers currently sent to landfills in California, to be recycled and to reuse the material in new thermoform containers.

90% of plastic is not recycled; rPlanet Earth wants to change that. They envision zero plastic waste on our planet earth. Their goal is to be the leader in creating a truly sustainable, closed-loop system for the recycling and reuse of post-consumer plastics.

For more information about rPlanet Earth, please visit their website.

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