Closed Loop Commodities Group

Building a Sustainable, Local Recycling Ecosystem

We take an end-to-end approach to solving local recycling challenges, providing a full suite of services that enables communities to take control of the entire recycling value chain and keep valuable materials in play.

Our platform at Closed Loop Partners accelerates the movement of recycled commodities and the advancement of recycling solutions to build a more circular economy.

Apply innovative recycling technologies to recapture more materials locally

Design, build and operate mini materials recovery facilities

Provide consulting services to optimize and expand local recycling programs

Evaluate materials recovery facilities and collection operations to drive efficiencies and cost savings

Market recyclables to get materials back into manufacturing supply chains

Negotiate feedstock and off-take agreements, securing and increasing the supply chain of commodities

Missed Opportunities

Today, many communities are located between 50 and 300 miles from the nearest materials recovery facility, meaning that many recyclables never make it into the system, instead ending up in landfills.

Community Solutions

Miniature materials recovery facilities that are mobile or permanent fixtures offer a simple, low capex and local solution, eliminating the great distances and enabling communities to sort and process their own recycling and in turn create jobs, generate profit and protect the planet.


Get in Touch

We provide new, innovative recycling technology, valuable industry data and expertise, consulting services and commodities marketing. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact [email protected].