Compostable Packaging Disintegration Pilot

There is a lack of public information on the conditions in which compostable packaging disintegrates. This pilot is designed to measure and identify the operating conditions that support the disintegration of compostable packaging of various materials and formats. 

Working with industrial composting facilities across the U.S., the Compostable Packaging Disintegration Pilot is the most comprehensive collaborative study of real-world compostable packaging disintegration in the U.S. to date. The pilot evaluated the disintegration of more than 30 types of certified compostable products and packaging––including compostable cutlery, molded fiber bowls, bioplastic cups and snack packaging––across facilities operating with varying climates, composting methods and equipment. Data gathered from the assessment will inform the Consortium’s broader work to align the rapid growth of compostable packaging with on-the-ground operational and business needs of industrial composters. 

Participating facilities include Ag Choice; Atlas Organics; Black Earth Compost; The Foodbank, Inc. of Dayton, Ohio; Happy Trash Can Curbside Composting; Napa Recycling; Specialized Environmental Technologies, Inc.’s Empire Facility; Veteran Compost and Windham Solid Waste Management. 

Data will be donated to the Compostable Field Testing Program, an international non-profit research platform that aims to publish a public database correlating composting conditions with the disintegration of common compostable products and packaging. Data from this pilot will also support the development of the first ASTM field test standard for compostable packaging. To design this pilot, Closed Loop Partners collaborated with composting industry groups including the United States Composting Council (USCC), the Compost Research and Education Foundation (CREF) and Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), alongside brand partners. 

Results from the pilot are coming soon. 

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