Used Electronics Recycling

Closed Loop Foundation commissioned a report to provide a view of the e-waste landscape within the United States in order to understand types and quantities moving into the waste stream today and in the future.

With the increased adoption and use of electronic and electrical devices has come the increased generation of used equipment as products are replaced by newer models and older technologies become obsolete or no longer meet the expectations of the consumer. Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) no longer useful to its first owner may still have considerable value, so market solutions have evolved with the waste stream to capture this value.


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The goal of this report is to provide a complete overview of the used electronics management landscape within the United States to understand:

  1. The types and quantities of materials that are currently and will be moving into the waste stream in the next five years;
  2. What type of programs are in place currently and how effective they are; and
  3. How changes in consumer desires and behavior, device technology, governmental regulation, and practices in the electronics and recycling industries will impact the effectiveness of recycling programs and demands in the next five years. This analysis is then used to identify the opportunities available, and provide solutions to address the challenges identified to support the development of a resilient used EEE management system.


Closed Loop Foundation