Accelerating a Circular Future

Impact Report 2022

2022 was a pivotal year for Closed Loop Partners.

After nearly a decade of hard work and progress toward creating a waste-free world, Closed Loop Partners saw unprecedented growth, and is proud to stand alongside our portfolio companies advancing circular solutions, key partners and a team dedicated to building a future where nothing is wasted––and everything is a resource to be built upon.

We celebrate this incredible progress and recognize that there is still much work to be done to achieve a truly circular economy. It will take the collective efforts of businesses, policymakers, local communities, consumers, NGOs and more to create the necessary policies, infrastructure and incentives to drive systemic change. Alongside our partners, we remain confident that the circular economy is not only a key solution to the critical environmental challenges facing our planet, but one of the most significant economic opportunities of our lifetime.

– Ron Gonen, Founder & CEO of Closed Loop Partners


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Assets Under Management


Investments to Date


Tonnes of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Avoided


Tons of Materials Kept in Circulation


Investment is a critical driver for accelerating the circular economy, encouraging innovation and enabling transformative companies to bring their solutions to scale.

Impact Across Our Funds

  • Closed Loop Ventures Group

    The Closed Loop Ventures Group deploys early-stage capital into companies, partnering with founders and companies who rethink how products are designed, manufactured, consumed and recovered, with the shared vision of reimagining supply chains and eliminating waste.

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  • Closed Loop Growth Opportunities Fund

    The Closed Loop Growth Opportunities Fund seeks growth equity investments in companies with proven use cases, science or technology that can be scaled to advance circular fashion, materials innovation, supply chain tech and food & agtech. ​​

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  • Closed Loop Leadership Fund

    The Closed Loop Leadership Fund captures the market opportunity by acquiring, growing and investing in companies, platforms and enabling technologies primarily across packaging, organics, electronics and apparel to develop, grow and modernize circular supply chains and recycling and reuse infrastructure.

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  • Closed Loop Infrastructure Group

    The Closed Loop Infrastructure Group makes investments across collection, sortation, processing, end-manufacturing and enabling technology projects that enhance the recovery of recycled material, and seeks out opportunities to improve the quality and quantity of materials kept in circulation across North America.

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Innovation plays a key role in advancing circularity––both in mitigating unintended consequences of new solutions and addressing current bottlenecks in today’s linear systems. This creativity will shape the future of how consumers shop and how cities function, creating massive shifts that will advance consumer and brand value.

Impact Across the Center for the Circular Economy

  • NextGen Consortium

    The NextGen Consortium is a multi-year consortium that addresses single-use food packaging waste globally by advancing the design, commercialization and recovery of sustainable food packaging alternatives. The Consortium brings leading brands, industry experts and innovators together to reimagine foodservice packaging, open access to recycling and accelerate sustainable and circular solutions to reduce waste on a global scale. ​

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  • Consortium to Reinvent the Retail Bag

    The Consortium to Reinvent the Retail Bag is a multi-year collaboration across retail sectors that identifies, tests and implements viable design solutions and models that more sustainably serve the purpose of the current retail bag. The Consortium drives forward a circular future for retail by reducing single use plastic bags through education, incentives, nudges and policy, by encouraging and scaling reusable bag solutions, and by identifying renewable material substitutions when reusable bags aren’t an option, and the necessary infrastructure is in place.

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  • Composting Consortium

    The Composting Consortium is a multi-year collaboration across the entire compostable packaging value chain to pilot industry-wide solutions and build a roadmap for investment in technologies and infrastructure. The Consortium aims to increase the amount of food waste diverted from landfills and determine where compostable food packaging could add value to the system.

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Since Closed Loop Partners’ founding in 2014, our ethos has been to embody an inclusive culture within our firm, attracting smart, dedicated and mission-driven team members. We continue to evolve our policies, procedures and efforts regarding diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at the firm, as we work toward being an industry leader in business culture and as investors.

Throughout 2022, our employee-led DEI committee continued to advance an action-oriented approach toward developing short-term, medium-term and long-term goals. From hiring practices, to educational resources, to investment practices, among many other things, we will continue to work to advance inclusive diversity at the firm, at our portfolio companies and in the communities we service. Most importantly, we expect any statements we make to be accompanied by actions and results.​