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Transparency & Traceability

Digitizing Global Supply Chains to Unlock the Circular Advantage

Closed Loop Partners’ Ventures Group believes supply chain transparency and product traceability will be a critical enabling technology for the circular economy and an immediate response to the COVID crisis. Tracing supply chains can optimize the flow of materials, better manage inventories, and enable stakeholders to more quickly identify and react to increasing physical supply chain risk. These trends of transparency and traceability are flowing today through the food, consumer products and apparel supply chains, and these trends will increasingly affect every material and commodity. 

In this report, we answer the following key questions:

  • Why are brands and corporations adopting supply chain transparency and product traceability? 
  • Where do transparency and traceability solutions integrate in the supply chain?
  • How do transparency and traceability solutions actually track and trace products? 
  • What needs to be true for transparency and traceability solutions to be successful?


Join us as we work to shape our supply chains to be more resilient, more equitable, and more circular. 

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