Bea Miñana

Communications Project Director

Bea works on the communications and branding of Closed Loop Partners, across all investment platforms and the Center for the Circular Economy. She creates data-backed messaging strategies to increase impact and engage more people in the transition to a circular economy.

Prior to joining Closed Loop Partners, Bea was an Associate Consultant at Agritecture, where she advised entrepreneurs and investors on the sustainability and market feasibility of agtech development opportunities, specifically urban and indoor farms around the world––including North America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. She was formerly a Brand Consultant for the Additive Agency, where she developed strategic communications for impact-centered organizations, including leading universities, hospitals and nonprofits in the United States.

She holds an MSc in Sustainability Management from Columbia University, where she conducted research at the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment on the impact of renewable energy and agriculture investments on land rights, human rights and the environment. She also holds a BSc in Business Administration from Babson College, with a double concentration in Environmental Sustainability and Strategic Management.

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