Matt Pundmann

Senior Project Director

Matt is a Senior Project Director for the Center for the Circular Economy – Closed Loop Partners’ innovation center that leverages research and pre-competitive collaborations to support the transition to the circular economy.

Prior to joining Closed Loop Partners, Matt spent five years with Deloitte Consulting as a practitioner in their supply chain practice. There he specialized in analyzing and optimizing large organizations’ end-to-end supply chains, and he worked across the retail, industrials, healthcare, and automotive industries. Matt also worked at Dow where he analyzed the economic and environmental value of a new plastics recovery program for four separate stakeholder groups.

Matt received his BA in Environmental Science from the University of Michigan, his BBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, and his MBA from Cornell University’s Johnson School of Management.

Matt enjoys playing volleyball, biking, cooking, listening to podcasts, and exploring local cultures through food and drink.


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