Closed Loop Ventures

Venture fund that invests in sustainable consumer goods, advance recycling technologies and services related to the circular economy.


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Home Biogas

HomeBiogas™ is the newest generation of biogas technology, bringing off-the-grid, compact, and user-friendly waste-to-energy into your backyard. HomeBiogas converts food waste and animal manure into enough clean gas to cook 3 meals and into 10 liters of clean natural liquid fertilizer every day.

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Renewal Workshop

Renewal Workshop is redefining waste in the apparel industry. This leading-edge facility partners with apparel brands to transform their unsellable and returned inventory into Renewed Apparel, creating  jobs right here in America. A jacket with a broken zipper isn’t waste. We fix it and get it back out to where it was meant to be.

Amp Robotics

Amp Robotics

AMP Robotics has created a scalable system that dramatically reduces the cost of recycling and enables “smart” recycling facilities. AMP is a combination of state of the art computer vision and machine learning with robots that identify, rapidly sort and place recyclable materials into bins for recovery.

Fabric Darker


Evrnu fiber transforms old clothing into a new, useful raw material for the creation of premium garments.  Designers will be able to lead the way by offering style and performance without compromising integrity.  The patent-pending technology creates a regenerative supply of high-quality, bio-based fiber through renewal of cotton garment waste.