Closed Loop Ventures

Investing in sustainable consumer goods companies, advanced recycling technologies, and services related to the circular economy.



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AMP Robotics is a startup focused on reducing the fundamental costs of recycling through the use of artificial intelligence. AMP’s solution is a combination of state of the art computer vision and robotic products that can rapidly identify and recover material from the waste stream.

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Curb My Clutter is a CRM application that enables municipalities and haulers to collect and recycle used electronics and apparel. Households can schedule a collection and identify the items through a text based, smart phone system.

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Using state-of-the-art chemical regeneration, Evrnu’s technology transforms post-consumer cotton garment waste into high quality cellulosic fiber. The production of Evrnu fiber will divert millions of tons of textile waste from landfills, where it produces greenhouse gases as it breaks down. Evrnu is currently engaged in R&D and developing garment prototypes with leading retail and apparel brands.

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HomeBiogas produces household biogas systems which turn your food leftovers and animal waste into gas for cooking and fertilizer for your plants. The HomeBiogas system enables people access to clean, affordable and renewable energy while providing a viable solution for organic waste management.

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Linhaus Design is proprietary technology and design platform to deliver customizable and closed-loop jewelry with a unique customer experience.


LOLIWARE is the world’s first Edible Bioplastic Company dedicated to replacing plastic with edible materials. The company was founded by Award-winning industrial designers, Leigh Ann Tucker and Chelsea Briganti, who after learning of the 33B plastic cups that enter the landfill annually, sought to invent a solution to the global plastic crisis.

55299 Natural Machines

Natural Machines is a 3D food printing can reduce food waste throughout the food value chain: from the customization of portion sizes allowing people to print what they want to eat and nothing more, to recovering food that is traditionally classified as food waste – such as “ugly” foods; printing makes them an attractive and nutritious food source.

Rebound Tech

Rebound Technologies delivers unprecedented control and efficiency to industrial freezers. Their IcePoint product boosts earnings of food processors and cold storage facilities by A) enabling strategic bursts of high capacity cooling that accelerate freezing processes and mitigate peak demand expenses, and B) generating sub-zero temperatures at 40% greater efficiency than legacy refrigeration systems.

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The Renewal Workshop enables the circular economy.  We serve apparel brands and retailers to create new business models by taking discarded apparel and textiles and turns them into renewed apparel, upcycling materials or feedstock for recycled fiber.