Balcones Resources’ Board Elects Former CFO, Adam Vehik, as President of the Austin-Based Recycling Company


October 15, 2020

October 15  – On August 25, 2020, Adam Vehik was elected by the Balcones Resources’ Board of Directors to assume the responsibilities of President of the Corporation. Vehik will assume his post as President immediately, leading the continued growth of the company following its acquisition of Sarasota-based, AI-powered recycling facility, Single Stream Recyclers (SSR).

Prior to his 10-year tenure as Chief Financial Officer of Balcones Resources, Vehik had an extensive career in finance, law, marketing, and strategy & technology commercialization, spending four years in private equity and working in the White House during the Clinton Administration. He also garnered international experience, working in Johannesburg, South Africa and Granada, Nicaragua, and conducting expeditions in the Arctic Circle and Australian Outback, studying applications of closed loop ecosystems across a variety of contexts. For the last five years, he has served as a Board Member for Hill Country Conservancy, the most influential land trust in Central Texas. Vehik received his JD and MBA from the University of Arkansas, received his undergraduate degree in Economics from Vanderbilt University, and studied International Economics in Perth, Australia and International Law in Prague, Czech Republic.

Backed by leading circular economy investment firm Closed Loop Partners, Balcones Resources is an Austin-based environmental services company whose primary business is related to the collection, processing and selling of recyclable materials in the commercial and residential sectors of our economy. Today, Balcones processes and sells more than 250,000 tons of recyclables per year in Austin, Dallas, Little Rock, and Sarasota. The company’s recent acquisition of Single Stream Recyclers will help support its continued growth and the scaling of a circular economy in the South.