Closed Loop Partners Acquires a Stake in Balcones Resources to Further Advance Recycling and the Development of the Circular Economy

Closed Loop Partners and Balcones Resources will expand recycling and circular economy infrastructure and services across the United States, recapturing valuable materials and returning them to the manufacturing supply chain.

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October 3 – Closed Loop Partners, a New York based investment firm focused on building the circular economy, announced today the acquisition of a stake in Balcones Resources through its private equity fund, the Closed Loop Leadership Fund.

Balcones Resources is a nationally recognized, best-in-class environmental services company that has been in business for 25 years, handling commercial and residential recycling, among other services, in Texas and Arkansas. Their commitment to operational excellence, advanced technology, and long-term partnerships makes Balcones an ideal platform to scale the circular economy within their current markets and across the United States.

Kerry Getter, Chairman and CEO of Balcones will continue to lead the company. Getter says,

“The expertise that Closed Loop Partners brings to the new relationship will provide unprecedented opportunities for corporate management and shareholder growth. Balcones and Closed Loop Partners’ cultures are similarly aligned. Together, we will be able to enhance employee opportunities, services to our customers, and assist in achieving a diverse set of ambitious environmental goals.”

The partnership builds on Closed Loop Partners’ extensive network of strategic stakeholders across the recycling and manufacturing value chain, from supplier relationships with corporate partners to recycling facilities to manufacturers across the United States. By better connecting and integrating the system, costs and volatility in the market are reduced.

“We’re investing across the supply chain with a long-term view of a more profitable and sustainable future. By scaling best-in-class businesses like Balcones, we will strengthen recycling and circular economy infrastructure in the U.S.”

Ron Gonen, CEO of Closed Loop Partners

The Closed Loop Leadership Fund brings together corporate investors, institutional investors, family offices, and foundations committed to building circular supply chains that reduce costs, increase margins, and protect the environment we share.

About Closed Loop Partners

Closed Loop Partners is an investment platform that invests in sustainable consumer goods, recycling and the development of the circular economy. Investors include many of the world’s largest consumer goods companies and family offices interested in investments that provide strong financial returns and tangible social impact. Learn more at

About Balcones Resources

Balcones Resources began operations in 1994 and has grown into a nationally recognized firm and one of the top 50 recyclers in North America. With more than 200 employees across its three locations, Balcones is a recycling partner for municipalities, multi-tenant facilities, corporate campuses, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers. For more information on Balcones Resources and its environmental services, visit

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