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Closed Loop Fund was founded in 2014 to create economic value for cities by increasing recycling rates in communities across America and building circular supply chains. Through project finance, the fund provides cities and companies with access to the necessary capital. Closed Loop Fund brings together the world’s largest consumer product, retail, and financial companies as investors committed to circularity.



Aero Aggregates was established with a focus to provide ultra-lightweight fill material for infrastructure projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. The goal was to provide a cost-effective material that met the technical requirements of design engineers, State DOTs and the Federal Highway Administration. At the same time, to provide a home for curbside recycled glass that has no other home outside of landfilling.

Their goal is to create a company footprint in several major markets throughout the USA to provide lightweight aggregates fill material for multiple applications and establish themselves as the technical leader for ultra-lightweight foamed glass aggregates based on the last 6 years of testing and R&D.


Memphis is the 2nd largest city in Tennessee.  Until 2016, Memphis had limited recycling.  In 2016, with support from Closed Loop Fund, the city invested in 80,000 single stream recycling carts to supply to households across the city.  In its first year, the city increased recycling rates by 61%.


As part of the Quad Cities area, the City of Moline, IL, is expanding access to curbside recycling services and introducing new 96-gallon carts for its 19,000 households. New carts will yield a projected 40% increase in recycling volume annually. Moline’s recycling will go to nearby Scott County, Iowa’s single-stream MRF (another Closed Loop Fund financed project).


CleanFiber™ manufactures a premium cellulose insulation made from a mix of OCC and ONP. Located near Greenpac Mills in Buffalo, NY, CleanFiber uses recycled feedstock.


Eureka Recycling is a nonprofit social enterprise based in the Twin Cities, whose mission is to demonstrate that waste is preventable, not inevitable. We provide recycling collection and processing services, servicing 200,000 households and sorting over 90,000 tons a year. Their programs and policy work present solutions for local economic development, climate change, and environmental justice.


Emerald Coast Utility Authority MRF is a “clean” MRF servicing Escambia County and the City of Pensacola.  The MRF processes recyclables sorted by the customer and placed in a single stream curbside recycling cart.  The MRF is processing approximately 30 tons per hour, 150 tons daily, or approximately 45,000 tons per year on one shift.


First Star Recycling is the largest full service recycler (hauler and MRF) in the state of Nebraska, ensuring comprehensive recycling in the greater Omaha and Lincoln metro areas.


GreenMantra Technologies is focused on applying its upcycling catalytic technology to advance the circular economy.  The first application of the technology, the production of polyethylene and polypropylene, has now reached commercial scale.  The company recently announced its collaboration with SunChemical to bring new ink polymers from waste polystyrene and waste EPS.


IntegriCo Composites is a manufacturer of composite railway products including railway crossties and composite grade crossings. Utilizing patented manufacturing technology, IntegriCo produces its products from 100% recycled plastics. Since commencing operations, IntegriCo has diverted in excess of 70 million pounds of landfill bound plastics to the manufacture of valuable infrastructure products sold to a varied customer base.



Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) is Illinois’ largest private waste company, specializing in recycling and waste diversion programs for Chicagoland businesses and homeowners, dumpster services and portable restroom rentals. Controlling over 2.3 million tons-per-year, LRS does not own a landfill and is committed to raising awareness for a more environmentally sustainable business model that fuels the circular economy.


Marquette County Solid Waste Management Authority is working to upgrade its existing MRF from a small dual-stream facility to a larger single-stream installation. An investment from Closed Loop Fund will improve operational efficiency, increase community participation, and expand coverage to the surrounding areas.



Momentum Recycling is a cullet processor and recycling services provider, with operations in Salt Lake City and Denver.



Portage County, OH is a rural county in Ohio SE of Cleveland with a population of 165,000 residents.  With support from Closed Loop Fund, the city invested in 25,000 single stream recycling carts and modern recycling trucks.


Preserve, a certified B Corporation, makes stylish, eco-friendly products for the home including a full line of kitchen products, tableware, and personal care products. They use 100% recycled plastic and plant-based compostable materials that are BPA free and Made in the USA – everyday products that are good for people and the planet.


PureCycle Technologies’ patented recycling process, developed by Procter & Gamble, separates color, odor and any other contaminants from plastic waste feedstock to transform it into virgin-like resin. This process fully closes the loop in the reuse of recycled plastics while making recycled plastics more accessible at scale to companies desiring to use a sustainable, recycled resin.


QRS of Maryland is a leading international processor and trader of recyclable material. Since 2002 CRHC has been at the forefront of the major recycling initiatives such as single stream recycling, establishing direct sales to China and adding both recycled and virgin resin plastic trading offices in addition to co-venturing to build a state-of-the-art PRF in Baltimore, MD. The combined exports of the group generally place it amongst the 10 largest exporters from the USA as measured by volume of containers.


rPlanet Earth is the world’s first completely vertically integrated manufacturer of post-consumer recycled PET (rPET) and multiple high rPET content packaging products, creating a much needed market for PET packaging collected from curbside recycling programs across California. Due to rPlanet’s vertically-integrated and streamlined manufacturing process, the carbon footprint associated with their packaging will be the lowest in the industry. The company estimates that every ton of PET recycled at rPlanet Earth’s facility will help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 2.5 metric tons of CO2.


TemperPack solves thermal packaging problems through sustainable design. The company was born out of a desire to reduce the amount of unsustainable packaging that correlated with the rising world of e-commerce delivery. TemperPack specializes in bringing custom solutions for clients to scale in the perishable food and life sciences industries. Today, TemperPack operates two facilities in Virginia and Nevada and is rapidly expanding its reach in the perishable and cold chain shipping market, all with the goal of reducing the amount of packaging that ends up in landfills.


The City of Waterbury, CT is the fifth largest City in the state with a population of 110,000 residents. Working with the Office of Mayor Neil O’Leary, the Connecticut DEEP and the Closed Loop Fund, Waterbury implemented an enhanced recycling program in the Fall of 2017. The City issued a 95 gallon recycling container to every household beginning October 16, 2017. The goal of the program is to increase the current 6% recycling rate to 25% in the next three years. 


Waste Commission of Scott County, a solid waste district in NE Iowa, with support from the Closed Loop Fund invested in new single stream recycling carts, trucks and a Material Recovery Facility (MRF).  In its first year the district has seen a 61% increase in recycling weights due to this new program.


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